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The project envisages 100% grant-in-aid to implementing agencies to achieve the following objectives:
To arrange, delivery of a vastly improved artificial insemination service at the farmer’s doorstep
To progressively bring 80 percent breedable females among cattle and buffalo under organized breeding through Artificial insemination or Natural service by high quality bulls within a period of ten years.
To undertake breed improvement programmes for indigenous cattle and buffalo breeds so as to improve their genetic qualities as well as their availability.
To provide quality breeding inputs in the breeding tracts of important indigenous breeds so as to prevent the breeds from deterioration and extinction.
To bring all breeding agencies under single umbrella To increase coverage of breedable population under organized breeding programme through A.I./ NS
Conservation and development of indigenous breeds. o Cattle : Tharparkar,Rathi o Buffalo : Surti, Murrah
Training to A.I. workers for quality A.I. services and professionals for production of semen straws.